Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Workout Revised....


So since I've been sick for the past couple of days, I was doing some hardcore thinking. I decided that I'm going to take that workout I posted I mix it up. I have noticed that I either don't have time to spend an hour and a half on the workouts, or I feel bored. So, with that being said, I decided that I'm just going to post the workout that I do each day. I did say that I get bored with my workout very easily, and I have a wonderful app that I'm using. Introducing..... Nike Training Club.

Nike Training Club is an amazing app where you can select a workout that's right for you. If you want a 15 minute, 30 minute or 45 minute workout, then they got you covered! They have options if you want to just slim down, gain strength, etc. Check them out! They have an app for iOS and Android.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Bad Move....

Hey there!

So I committed a no no. A serious no no....I stopped working out last week because of lack of time. I just started back up today and I wish I hadn't stopped. I feel so great and even though I can't do everything on my workout plan, I came closer today. I ran a mile in 12 minutes and 30 seconds...That's slower then I normally do, but I was feeling a little sick, so I slowed down my speed. When it came to everything else, it was leg day today, I was on the ball. Instead of doing 3 sets of everything, I cut them short and just did 2 sets for lack of time. I still had a good sweat going, and was terribly hungry afterwards. My dinner ended up being two eggs and about a half a cup of baked beans. I know, I still haven't posted the diet, but I hope you all are eating the right foods anyway. Stay tuned.....I promise.


Hey there! 

Here's some weekly motivation for you gals! 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My third....

So, today was my third day. I did better than the first day. I felt sick and tired from my long and busy day with only 4 hours of sleep but I still went on...I decided to skip the running because it was very late, around 10pm and I didn't want to wake anyone at my house. So, I jumped rope for 10 minutes as cardio. I had a lot of fun doing that. When it came to the workouts I skipped the handstands. I'm not very balanced like that yet and I don't want to hurt myself. So, with that being said, I only did 2 sets of 30 push-ups and 2 sets of 10 pike push-ups. The most difficult was the hollow hold. 1 minute feels like an eternity when you are holding that position. 

If you feel sick or tired, do something.....anything! Sick and tired days will start to be more frequent if you use them as an excuse not to get active. 

My second....

This day was so great! I woke up early, and got my workout done before school. I ran a mile in 15 minutes, which was worse then Monday, but I'm just going to keep going. I did all of the workouts on the page except for the squats. I prefer the second position squats because they work the inside of the thigh. I modified the lunges so that I only did 2 sets instead of 3 sets of 20. If you don't have strong legs, this will be challenging. I encourage you to keep going because after a month or 2, you will begin to notice that it has become easier. 

So never give up when it gets tough, you will be glad you didn't. :)