Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Bad Move....

Hey there!

So I committed a no no. A serious no no....I stopped working out last week because of lack of time. I just started back up today and I wish I hadn't stopped. I feel so great and even though I can't do everything on my workout plan, I came closer today. I ran a mile in 12 minutes and 30 seconds...That's slower then I normally do, but I was feeling a little sick, so I slowed down my speed. When it came to everything else, it was leg day today, I was on the ball. Instead of doing 3 sets of everything, I cut them short and just did 2 sets for lack of time. I still had a good sweat going, and was terribly hungry afterwards. My dinner ended up being two eggs and about a half a cup of baked beans. I know, I still haven't posted the diet, but I hope you all are eating the right foods anyway. Stay tuned.....I promise.

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